Transcatheter Approaches for the Treatment of Aortic Stenosis: An Overview

Director of the Structural Heart Program, Paul Mahoney, MD, FACC, discusses transcatheter approaches for the treatment of aortic stenosis and gives an overview of the technology and syndications. He also explains the process of developing the TAVR program at Sentara Heart and emphasizes that the TAVR program is a team sport. 


July 13, 2017

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Paul D. Mahoney, MD, FACC

Paul D. Mahoney, MD, FACC

Medical Director - Structural Heart Program - Sentara Cardiology Specialists

Dr. Paul Mahoney serves as the Medical Director of the Sentara Structural Heart Program, he has a particular focus on the diagnosis and treatment of structural heart disease. He performs interventions such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement...

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